Client Relation Management tools are essential for large businesses to keep track of productivity across their thousands of
employees and sales people. But when it comes to a small businesses and real world salespeople, these advanced tools tend to bog down everyday work to the point they become impractical

Luckily, you have now a specialized tool made to suit small businesses who are looking to leverage their sales potential by focusing only on converting sales, using practical and effective methodologies only. You can learn about this lead management tool at, after reading through the succinct overview presented here.

The Flawed Logic of Using a CRM to Increase Small-Scale Sales

A CRM is an absolutely vital tool for huge companies managing armies of salespeople. But when it comes to small businesses looking to make a living independently, it’s a far too complex tool that requires too much time and energy to keep up with… something like using cannons to kill flies.

This is why many salespeople and sales business owners have been clamoring for a tool that would allow them to get the same benefits of a CRM while focusing on the single essential aspect that matters the most to them: tracking leads to convert prospects.

Sure enough, this is something you can also do with a simple barebones spreadsheet… but if you’re looking for custom made software that bridges the gap between these two extremes from spreadsheet to CRM, it may be worth heading out to Right from the start, you will get a feeling that tool was designed to help real world salespeople overcome the frustration of using large scale CRMs.

Why Small Businesses Don’t Really Need a CRM

At this point you may be clear on why a CRM, although theoretically useful, is a bit of an overkill for small business. If you share this understanding, head out to no and try their tool which avails a 15-day free trial without need for contract or credit card. This software syncs neatly with your calendar and gives you simple ways to stay on top of your leads with brilliant timing. It also provides a global view of your sales pipeline that will really edge up your productivity.

Since it can import and export data from spreadsheet files, and because this tool was clearly developed by someone who was actually using it to get their sales work done faster and better, you really want to check up on this opportunity to improve your workflow and achieve superior bottom lines!